A Bucket List to Push Your Limits

bucket list france calanques

Last year, like many years prior, I ignored the advice I’d received my entire adolescence and met a stranger from the internet. I was bored and needed some human connection (sound familiar?). I met a girl to look through the weekly flea market, and we looked through vintage clothes, cameras, and art.

Her name is Farah Elaoufi and she was a fellow student and photographer living in Montpellier.

We immediately hit it off, and I consider her one of my closest friends. Her zest for life, optimism, and spontaneity balanced out my grouchiness.

We are passionate about meeting new people, discovering the world, and empowering others.

Despite living in different countries, we still communicate frequently. We speak in a weird mix of English and French. Many of our sentences are punctuated with dance moves, swears in either language, and rap ad-libs.

On FaceTime yesterday, we decided to attempt to make the most of the time we are spending stuck inside. We wanted to do something productive, and we both thought of a bucket list. The Ted Talk she was scheduled to give this week was cancelled, and I’ve been generally just moping about trying to get my life together. We recognized that it wasn’t a great time for actually doing, but an excellent time for thinking.

Most bucket lists consist of travel destinations and the seemingly universal human goals of skydiving or riding an elephant in Thailand. We decided to make this one based on our intentions and goals. We’re calling it our Dream List, but we are hoping that the things we list don’t stay dreams for long.

We are calling on our friends all across the world to share their Dream List with us.

This can grow to become a network of people using this time to reflect and become empowered.

We want these Dream Lists to be a starting point to interview people. We want to talk to people our age (and older), from every corner of the world, and learn about what makes them who they are and share their stories.

Download the PDF or PNG version of the Dream List below (No real difference but PDF may be easier to type into, if you’re into that kind of thing)

Feel free to share it with us on Instagram or any other social media outlets. Make sure to tag and follow us @quarterexistencecrisis and @farahelaoufi for updates on the project.

If you have further questions, slide in those dm’s or shoot us a message quarterexistencecrisis@gmail.com

If anyone is curious- here’s mine.

Happy dreaming, and we hope to hear from you soon!