My Favorite Things

If you want to support my writing, a great way to do so is to purchase through my affiliate links. Below are some of my favorite things with links that will give me small amount but don’t cost you any extra.

Clothes and Jewelry

I buy a lot of clothing used or secondhand. My favorite place to do so for a long time has been , but I also love TheRealReal, Poshmark, and Mercari.

For new clothes, I love these brands:

  • eShakti for custom-sized clothing that actually fits and LASTS!
  • Cosabella for full-bust bralettes that actually support.


The company Simple Switch aims to be an Amazon alternative for pre-vetted sustainable brands. The code “girlsloveevidence” gets you 10% off!

Software and Websites

GreenGeeks Hosting

The Internet is a HUGE polluter, and results in 1-2% of the total energy consumption on Earth. This site is hosted on GreenGeeks, a hosting provider that puts 3 times the energy they use back into the grid in the form of renewable energy. They’re also super responsive and easy to get help from. If you’re looking for a hosting provider, definitely give them a look.


I love travel, but I’m on a student budget and try to save money where I can. With Going, I’ve found a $58 round trip to Phoenix and a $300 round trip to Hawaii, which more than makes up for the $50 premium cost. If you’re hesitant, sign up for the free version first, but know that the benefits from the paid version are VERY worth it.