Disclosure Statement

I don’t run ads, but I do use affiliate links, meaning I get a little money if you buy something I link to. It comes at no extra cost to you, but pays for an embarrassingly low percentage of my weekly grocery trip.

There is nothing that requires that you click on these links or purchase things from them, but it is nice to get paid for something that I am already doing. I don’t link to things I have not personally tried/liked, because that just seems silly to me.

To comply with FTC guidelines, it’s probably best to assume that…

  • All links are affiliate links, meaning I get some commission if you click on them/purchase something from them. The cost to you is the same.
  • I post links to things I like and would promote regardless of the link’s affiliate status.
  • Unless otherwise noted, any product I have is one I have purchased with my own money, and I am not paid or compensated for it.