Welcome to Girls Love Evidence, my side project, brainchild, and probably the reason I’m yelling at my computer. My name is Al, and I’m a science communicator and a 2nd-year law student.

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I was born and raised in Colorado, where I learned to love skiing, trail runs, and staying inside for most of March. I stuck around my home state for my bachelor’s degree, which I double majored in Biochemistry and French.

After undergrad, I knew I needed to explore a bit more. I moved to a new city halfway across the world and began my master’s degree in Cancer Biology in Montpellier, France. One beautiful year later, I graduated and immediately moved to Texas to start medical school. (Yes, I really do like being in school).

After a completely unforeseen health complication, I took leave from medical school and weighed my options. There were many months of thinking and deliberating but ultimately, I decided not to go back in favor of pursuing other passions.

During the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I started this blog to combine my love for writing with my love for scientifically accurate information.

There aren’t enough spaces online that approach issues of health and wellness from an evidence-based lens, and I wanted to change that. Influencers, wellness blogs, and even some health professionals promote health trends that have very little scientific evidence to back them up.

A few years later, and I’ve found myself in law school, where I can write (a lot) and read (a lot), and apply my scientific knowledge to issues of policy and the law.

I’m based in the Bay Area, and live with my chonky little dog and extremely compassionate partner.

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Work With Girls Love Evidence

In addition to this site, I’ve worked as a freelancer for a few different companies that deal with women’s health, mental health, and education in the sciences. If you’re interested in having me as a writer for your site or company, contact me at al@girlsloveevidence.com.