7 Lessons I Learned From My Quarter-Life Crisis

If you’re new here, hi, I’m Al, and I got really sick last year, healed, then got really sick again right as I was beginning medical school. I’ve been writing this post for a while in bits and pieces, struggling to put together what I’ve learned in the past year. It’s been tough for meContinue reading “7 Lessons I Learned From My Quarter-Life Crisis”

What I Learned From My Hospitalization In France as an American

I generally try to bring fun, uplifting content to my blog about navigating life as a 20-something in another country, learning a language, travel, etc. This post is not that. This post is, however, concerned with the things that you get to learn about while living in a foreign country, such as what really happens when you get sick.

A Bucket List to Push Your Limits

Last year, like many years prior, I ignored the advice I’d received my entire adolescence and met a stranger from the internet. I was bored and needed some human connection (sound familiar?). I met a girl to look through the weekly flea market, and we looked through vintage clothes, cameras, and art. Her name isContinue reading “A Bucket List to Push Your Limits”