The Link Between Deodorant and Breast Cancer: Fact-Checking

I’m starting a shorter series on Girls Love Evidence, where I investigate common health claims and debate their merits. Today, I’m starting with one that I’ve heard time and time again- there is a link between deodorant and breast cancer. I remember the first time I heard this as a high schooler. I was inContinue reading “The Link Between Deodorant and Breast Cancer: Fact-Checking”

#MedBikini and Professionalism

This article published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery received a lot of attention this week when it made the claim that ‘unprofessional content’ on social media pages may lead patients to choose another physician. The article was picked apart, Twitter erupted, and the discussion on #MedBikini and professionalism was born. The three investigators (aContinue reading “#MedBikini and Professionalism”